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Nearly 50 percent of doctoral students leave graduate school without finishing

Getting your PhD is difficult and can be very stressful. PhD students often struggle with emotional, social, and financial challenges during the program.

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The Pareto Principle and Literature Review

Why Your Paper Will Probably Never Be Cited

This is Part II of our Literature Review series. Part I: How to Judge Impact Factors lays the foundation for the focus of this post. If not you’re already familar with accessing impact factors for journals and researchers, give it a quick watch (it’s only 5 minutes) or read the edited transcript. This video and post will focus on:

How to make sure I found the most appropriate papers (by topic), and enough of them (how much is enough?).

How to Judge Impact Factors

In this short 5-minute video, I cover the essentials of analyzing literature networks and judging the impact and continued relevance of a given paper.

Specifically, I discuss these topics in the context of a recent high-impact publication by Jeremy England at MIT: